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July 13th 2020

Gloria Scott-What am I gonna do Margie Joseph-I'll always love you Sandra Wright-Wounded woman Chosen few-Wondering Major Lance-I never thought I'd be losing you John Edwards-Sister Rose Mind & Matter-Under your spell Four Sonics-If it wasn't for my baby G.C Cameron-You're what's missing in my life Undisputed Truth-Girl you're alright David Ruffin-Don't stop loving me Four Tops-Don't stop loving me Harold Melvin-Wake up everybody Jimmy Barnes-I think I've got a good chance Hands of time-This love is for real Darrow Fletcher-No limit 7th Wonder-Missin' outMillie Jackson-Somethin' 'bout ya Dramatics-I cried all the way home Silk -Simply beautiful Chuck Jackson-In between tears Sapphires-I found out too late Gladys Knight-What good am I without you Dee Dee Warwick-Cold night in Georgia Love rights-Talk of the town Telecasters-Something deep inside The love rights-Talk opf the town Troy Keyes-I'm crying inside Walter Jackson-After You there can be nothing

July 20th

Gwen Owens-Still true to you Roosevelt Matthews-You got me diggin' you Fantastic Four-Girl have pity Impressions-Love me Salt and Pepper-Man of my world James Brown-Have a happy day Terrible Frankie Nieves-True love Jimmy Gresham-Garden of love Kitty Haywood-Keep this thought in your mind Melvin Davis-You made me over Lee Moses-Free at last Lovelites-I'm in love Startones-The rose Willie Tee-Take your time Herman Davis-Gotta be loved Baby Huey-Hard times Goodie-You and I Four Flights-All I want is you Bobby Womack-Love ain't something you can get for free Nu Rons-I'm a loner Ike Noble-One way street Dynamic Superiors-One nighter Ty Karim-Don't let me be lonely tonight Up Tights-Look a little higher Sly slick wicked-Stay my love Love-That's the way it is Fantastic Four-Let this moment last forever Fabulous Tears-Somebody's waiting Dramatics-And I panicked
Aug 31, 2020
Dottie Pearson-I've been waiting Spyder Turner-I've been waiting Derek Martin-Falling out of love Dutch Robinson-Lockdown Naturelles-Show me the way William Bell-All I need is your love Chuck Stephens-Paying for your love Sy Hightower-I wonder why Mini Curry-I think I'm over you Dynamics-Woe is me Private Joy-Love it or leave it Ray Paige-Don't stop now Steve Davis-Laugh a little cry a lot Johnnie Taylor-What about my love Jay Player-Love is the answer Rosie Gaines-Crazy Queen Yahna-Ain't it time Bobby Thurston-Foolish man Gerald Wayne-Now I can see Tyrone Curry-I'm so in love Gloria Walker-Precious love Carletta Sue-You keep holding back Margie Joseph-Make me believe you'll stay Barbara Acklin-Please sunrise please Carla Thomas-I've fallen in love Teddy Pendergrass-Somebody told me
 Sep 7, 2020
Impalas-Speed up Bobby Black-Right on The Albert-One life Jesse Boone-No particular one Freddie and Sounds of soul-I can't break away from you Robert Parker-I caught you in a lie Mixed emotions-Am I imposing ZZ Hill-Universal love Archie Bell-Real good feeling John Edwards-Cold hearted woman Mike James Kirkland-You put it Individuals-Never too late King Floyd-I'm gonna fall in love with you City Limits-Words without love Infinity-Keep it to yourself Otis Clay-Tired of falling in and out of love Bobby Womack-Something for my head Four Tracks-Charade Cynthia Sheeler-I'll cry over you Geil Scott Heron-Willing Impressions-My woman's love Barbara Mason-You can be with the one you don't love Donny Mann-Treat me like a stranger Elgins-You found yourself another fool Barbara Stant-He's still your man Change of pace-Bring my buddies back Gail Eason-I can see the hurt Billy Stewart-What have I done Walter Jackson-I never had it so good Louise Freeman-How could you run away
Donnie Burkes - You never know what you've got Willie Dee - It looks like rain Mighty Pope - If that's the way that you want it Promises - Living in the footsteps Clara Hardie - I dream of you Originals - You're the one Four Tops - Where did you go Sam Baker - It's all over Sylvia StClaire - It hurts to see you happy Jewel Akens - What would you do Willie Hobbs - Love them and leave them George Smith - I've had it Benny Johnson - Visions of paradise Mavis Staples - Makes me wanna cry Jerry Swamp dog Williams - Oh LOrd Temprees - At last Gwen McCrae - 90% of me is you Anthony White - Yes you need love Bridge - Stella Black Nasty - I must be in love Innervision - I just wanna say I love you Byrdie Green - Don't make it hurt Directions - We need love Helene Smith - I'm controlled by your love Jerry Butler - The best love I ever had Specials - You stood me up William Bell - Crying all by myself Benny Lattimore - Rain from the sky Willie Hutch - Baby come home
Sep 23, 2020
I bet you can't love me one time Supremes and Temptations-Then Tal Armstrong-You've got so much feeling Walter Heath-Put your love in my hands Sly Slick Wicked-Sho Nuff Keneth Ruffin-I'll keep holding on Joe Hinton-Don't tell her the truth Barbara Mason-I am your woman She is your wife Larry Saunders-Where did peace go Aretha Franklin-Oh no not my baby Ann Sexton-I'm his wife you're just a friend Jerry Williams-Oh Lord what are you doing to me